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Campari Giving Back

On March 22 2019, Campari Belgium sent 33 boosted colleagues, eager to help, to 3 non-profit organisations.

Activities: A team of 6 helped Restos du Coeur to prepare and distribute food and brainstorm on the optimization of the internal logistics. A second team of 10 joined Contrat de Rivière Dyle-Gette in Wavre to clean a river of it's waste. A third team of 17 spent te day creating furniture from recycled wood pallets for nonprofit organisations.

Feedback :

According to Pascal from Restos du Coeur "the highlight of the day was certainly when they discovered that all the goods arrived in bulk, that everything had to be sorted to the jar of jam sometimes in bad condition. The hands were sticking but the good mood was there. All the team put the Heart to the work and with the smile, and this in spite of the work not always easy. They learned a lot and remained impressed of the work to carry out before beneficiaries can have food on their plates. A big thank you to you and the Campari team."

"A big thank you to the two animators who were really great ! We hope that the nonprofit organisations will be very happy with their pallet trays for gardening!" concludes Camparista Damien while Nick confirms with the following statement about Contrat de Rivière : "Confronting activity. Respect for the people who are committed to this."

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