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One Citizen Day by Spadel

As part of the “One Citizen Day” initiative, Spadel Belgium sent this year once again, on October 25th 2019, 51 energized colleagues to 6 different non-profit organisations across the 3 regions.

Activities:Two teams decided to clean rivers of their waste in Wavre and Morlanwelz while at the coast, a team dedicated their time to an impressive waste collection in a dune area. In Antwerpen, Sant'Egidio (Kamiano) welcomed 6 volunteers to prepare and serve breakfast and lunch, clean machines and share time with the residents. In Brussels, a team of 5 discovered Children's Museum where they were involved in reorganisation activities and the preparation for the 40th anniversary. In Wallonia, another team of 10 invested their valuable time in L’Autre jardin, a nonprofit organization helping young adults with a mental disability, where they prepared plots and greenhouses, planted winter vegetables and went for field maintenance work.

Feedback : According to Michiel, one Spadel colleague "We had a great day in Zeebrugge. I have opened my eyes what people throw away in the dunes. But it was also the ideal time to get to know colleagues better and that was certainly the case. A very successful day!” Bernard is also adding his positive feeling, remembering an "Excellent atmosphere. A good initiative to make each of us aware of the environment and altruism. To certainly repeat.”

From the nonprofit community side, Pascale from Sant'Egidio (Kamiano) summarises the day with the following words: “Everything went well. The team especially better understood the complexity of poverty and the impact on someone's life and that giving time can make a huge difference. They have rolled up their sleeves while it has not been hard work from the beginning to the end.”

Carole from The Children's Museum clearly liked the day “… The whole team at the Children's Museum thanks you for your wonderful day of work and support. We can now consider the great renovation of the attic and the creation of a brand new workspace, much needed for a better reception of all the children and the creation of the sets. Sincere thanks to the “super team”.

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