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European Commission at Moeraske

A team of 11 volunteers from the European Commission went to Moeraske on october 15th 2019. The Moeraske, "little marsh" in Dutch, is a rare vestige of the bottom of the valley of the Senne. Two elements characterize it: its marshy zone and the diversity of its biotopes. The site extends over 14 ha along the Schaerbeek train station. and concerns 3 communes: most of the site is on Evere. The sources of Kerkebeek, the stream that feeds the marsh, are on Haren. The Walckiers, 4.5 ha, old English park become "wild", is on Schaerbeek.

The work done was quite impressive considering that they not only picked up everything that had been mowed the previous saturday but that four persons in the team were also keen to use the brush cutters. Good job that helped The Moeraske greatly !


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