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asbl l'Autre Jardin welcomes Wonderful Brands dynamic Team

On August 23rd, asbl l'Autre Jardin welcomed 14 dynamic volunteers from Wonderful Brands company to take care of zucchini, tomatoes, beans, transplant kohlrabi, beets, spinach and scarolles, clean and prepare plots for the future (weeding, tiller, ...), mow, paint walls and ceilings, and various other work related to the maintenance of the surrounding areas. A beautiful opportunity to boost everyone during a memorable day !

"Doing well by doing good is not a hollow phrase for the Wonderful Company, in fact it’s one of our core values. And so we spent our recurring annual Giving Back day at l’Autre Jardin, a project to integrate young adults with a mental disability. We painted, carpented, gardened and harvested. The cultivation of home-grown vegetables allows those young adults to have a fulfilling day activity and at the same time it also generates a revenue. We were proud to have made a small contribution to this great project. Thank you, l’Autre Jardin for welcoming us and thank you Hu-Bu to introduce us to eachother!" Lut Gaublomme - HR & Office Manager – Wonderful Brands

"What a wonderful day with the Wonderful Brands team. Charming, super sympa, et very efficacious ! Most remarkedly, Gregory stayed with one of the teams the entire day, which is more than a vote of confidence! Lovely to see him connect and great of all of you to include him in the work.Many thanks to the carpenters, the painters and the various farmers. It may not seem much to you, but your day of contribution means a lot to us. In terms of support and of very down to earth 'work that gets done' you have advanced us at least 10 days of work on our schedule. So it is significant. And we of course would want you to know that having met the Wonderful Brands Team is a real blessing to us." Luc Vermeesch - Président Asbl L'AUTRE JARDIN

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