Impact vs Covid

Keep caring and sharing

In these unprecedented times where social distancing is a danger of moving away from each other, the Impact vs Covid initiative is an opportunity to maintain bonds and strengthen solidarity with the Non-Profit Community.

  • Make Packs

    • Collect Games & Toys

    • Collect Baby Birth items

    • Collect  Clothing & Shoes 

    • Collect Hygiene (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush ...) 

    • Create & collect Pastry (muffins, cakes, donuts...) 

    • Create & collect Knitting items (blanket, socks, mittens…) 


and deliver the pack(s) at the place of the chosen NPO to the attention of the beneficiaries


  • Create a musical card with your favorite instrument (guitar, piano, violin, saxophone, etc.) and post it on the facebook page of the chosen NPO to the attention of the beneficiaries

  • Create mandalas, origami, original postcards, drawings, and send them to the beneficiaries of your chosen NPO with a short personalized letter

  • Provide urgent support for specific urgent needs regularly communicated by our non-profit network members

Examples: solid shelves to store a food stock corner or laundry baskets for each resident professional color and network photocopier, usb keys, purchase of a low-cost car to drive residents to medical appointments, second-hand laptops, a rounded mirror to make traffic safer in the educational farm, a miter saw, a display fridge, sports equipment (ex: gym equipment, fitness, football, shirts) for the refugees…

The activities can be organized as team or individual initiatives.

Hu-Bu brings the network of Non Profit Organizations, coordinates and follows up until final successful delivery.

Contact us to set up a personalized corporate initiative.