Solidarity brains

A unique Brain-storming day where employees brainstorm in line with societal initiatives developed by Non-Profit Organisations while exchanging about the new culture  of their organisation.


A team of talented intrapreneurs learn new innovation methodologies and engage with corporate culture by bringing more purpose to their professional career.

  • 1-day workshop

  • From 5 to 50 talents

  • 1 facilitator per team

  • Supporting material included (canvases, toolkit, games…)

In collaboration with Impact Valley

Solidarity brains +​​

Gather colleagues in the company to weld teams, define a new strategy, share common values, optimize or create new services ... through a combination of intellectual and manual activities.


  • a brainstorming activity linked to internal challenges (shared values, innovative strategy, new structure ...) or challenges of non-profit organisations looking for concrete solutions

  • an activity linked to creating new furniture from recycled wooden pallets for the benefit of non-profit organisations having placed a pre-order.

  • 1 intensive day

  • Intra-company challenge

  • Maximum 160 participants

In partnership with Impact Valley

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