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Virtual Impact

Collective Purpose driven Intelligence

Virtual Impact is an initiative with a twofold objective, help non-profit organization find solutions to its challenges or specific issues (positioning, visibility, communication, digitization...) while strengthening the team spirit of a corporate group. The support is organized in the form of a virtual workshop where the pooling of skills of the participants generates an innovative collective intelligence allowing created teams, accompanied by experts and digital tools, to identify and propose new solutions to the challenges of the non-profit organization.

“… Having supported start-ups for more than 15 years and having drawn up a few business plans and carried out market studies in the field, I had the impression yesterday that all the participants were part of AISE and that the business case had been studied in all its possibilities. All that was missing was the purely financial aspect and I wouldn't have had to do anything anymore. I would gladly repeat this experience ... to meet other challenges. "

Céderic Doutrelepont - Director

AISE - Agence Immobilière Sociale Etudiante



  • 5 hour workshop

  • From 10 to 60 participants

  • Expert facilitators to guide brainstorming

  • Digital tools

In collaboration with Impact Valley

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