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The emergence of the circular economy is rapid, healthy and unavoidable. In order to support this development effectively, the Hu-Bu furniture platform has been integrated into the Relieve Platform in January 2022. In order to amplify the impact, the platform is also now open to all start-ups and companies ready to acquire Premium "Second Life" furniture. A great concrete way to contribute to the development of a more responsible and sustainable society. To acces the platform, register your non-profit organisation, school, startup or company or contact us for more information.


Why opt for "Second Life"?

  • Help our Planet become more circular and sustainable

  • Support local organizations in creating an improved work environment

  • Inspire others to achieve all together the highest impact

10 Year Result

Since 2011, some 24,000 items have been transferred to hundreds of the 4.700 members of the Hu-Bu network. From an environmental and sustainable perspective, this volume corresponds to an “avoided” carbon emission of 1.685 tons CO2e.

This figures takes into account parameters such as non-evacuation to the landfill and non-production and purchase of new items by the non-profit organizations and schools.

In terms of tangible comparisons, 1.685 tonnes CO2e are the equivalent of:


  • 513.845 produced smartphones

  • 6.609 trees absorbing CO2 in one year

  • 706 plane trips from Brussels to New York

  • 165 car trips around the World


Calculations and comparisons are made by Tapio, our Carbon Management Partner (

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