3 good reasons

​1. Strengthen the chain of solidarity by helping non-profits and schools to work in optimal conditions at an affordable cost.

2. Neutralize unnecessary logistics, storage or destruction expenses.

3. Offering a "second life" is a concrete action, in symbiosis with the objectives of the circular economy, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Impact Office & IT

Why throw away your office furniture and destroy computers / IT products when you can give it - in a free of charge, simple and quick way - a nice, well-deserved "second life" in a non-profit organization or a school?

3 good reasons

1. Participate in the solidarity chain by offering the non-profits and schools the basis to work in the best conditions at fair and affordable costs.

2. Neutralize unnecessary costs for logistics, storage or destruction.

3. Converting the "second life" philosophy into concrete action, in line with CSR and sustainability goals.

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Help us fight against the Digital Gap and finance the acquisition of IT equipment for non-profit organizations and schools


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