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Mountain Range

We connect the corporate world and the non-profit community to build together a more inclusive and circular society

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Brussels - December 2023

After 15 years of relentless bridge-building between a 2.500 strong non-profit community and hundreds of teams from the corporate world, time has come to hand over Hu-Bu's heritage to two separate entities with shared values.

  • Impact Valley will continue to conduct and boost the solidarity-driven projects. 

  • Relieve will continue to offer an exciting sustainable extended-life to corporate furniture.

As Impact Valley and Relieve independently tread their paths, a symphony resonates. A harmonious convergence of distinct journeys toward a shared vision. Together, they embody a future where people connections and planet protection dance hand in hand, painting a portrait of a world shaped by the humble initial input of Hu-Bu.

From a personal perspective, I will continue acting during the next 12 to 18 transition months as mentor-advisor for both Impact Valley and Relieve. Whatever your demand, solidarity or circularity driven, do not hesitate to get in touch with the respective teams. You will definitely be in very capable and secure hands.

Filip Van Mullem - Founder

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Solidarity & Innovation Driven Impact

Step into the vibrant realm of Impact Valley, where a spirited young team breathes life into innovation and solidarity-driven projects thanks to Alex, Julie, Océane, Laurent and Nicolas. Their boundless energy aims at making the world more sustainable and collaborative. Impact Valley's gaze is universal, offering a fresh perspective that extends the reach of their endeavors beyond the expected.

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  Sustainable Quality Furniture Mission

In another corner of this transformative legacy, meet Relieve - a squad led by my son Jeremy and his strong team of 9 highly motivated change-makers. Their mission echoes through the halls of sustainable living, where extended life furniture initiatives become the canvas for a circular economy. Each item saved tells a story of mindful consumption, woven by a community engaged in the pursuit of a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Many thanks to my passion and energy driven colleague Muriel who joined the journey 10 years ago, as well as all persons and parties involved since 2009 for their trustful sharing and caring. Hu-Bu could not have existed and boosted solidarity and circularity without all of you !

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