Filip Van Mullem


Filip graduated from the Free University of Brussels University [ULB] in 1984 with a masters degree in Political Science and International Relations and with an MBA from the Solvay Business School in 1989.

Filip speaks five languages, has over 12 years of management experience including positions at D’Ieteren, Avis Lease Europe and General Electric followed by 13 years of entrepreneurship. In 1996 with three companions, he created a consulting and management company active in the automotive leasing industry that still employs 200 people across Europe.

After 25 years in the "business world", Filip decided it was time to “give back” by founding Hu-Bu, set up to stimulate the business world into developing more employee volunteering initiatives as part of Corporate Responsibility programmes. 

Personal reasons to found Hu-Bu

To contribute personally and actively to the concrete development of more and better solidarity is now essential to me. For each person there is a specific moment and way to contribute. For me it will be through Hu-Bu…